Product Strategy Series

Predefining Product Strategy with the Product Vision

Create your Product Vision easily with this Notion Template to move with the Product Strategy.

Elena Calvillo
4 min readNov 6, 2023


In my previous article I wrote about how to create a Meaningful Product Vision and the purpose behind it. Afterwards, creating a Product Strategy is the next step in turning this vision into a reality. It involves defining the actions and initiatives needed to achieve the Product Vision and aligning them with the overall business objectives.

Product Strategy by Roman Pichler. Book Cover.

I’m a big fan of Roman Pichler, Strategize book. Is one of the best ways to help you maximize your chances of creating successful products by using a wide range of proven techniques and tools. Basically, the book helps you to create effective strategies and actionable roadmaps, and I’ll use his materials and lessons as I’ve done at work in this post.

So let’s see in this week’s issue how to progress on our Product Vision to create our Product Strategy!

Understanding the Product Strategy Model

Effective Product Strategy based on Roman Pichler Product Strategy Model.
Effective Product Strategy based on Roman Pichler Product Strategy Model.
  1. Customer Needs and Market Understanding: emphasizes the importance of thoroughly understanding customer needs, pain points, and desires. This involves conducting market research, user interviews, and gathering insights to inform the product strategy.
  2. Value Proposition: encourages product managers to define a clear value proposition that differentiates their product from competitors. The value proposition should address customer needs and explain why the product is valuable and relevant.
  3. Product Positioning: This involves defining the target market segment, understanding customer personas, and crafting messaging and positioning that resonates with the target audience.
  4. Product Roadmap: advocates for the use of a product roadmap as a strategic tool. The roadmap outlines the planned initiatives, features, and improvements that will be developed over time to achieve the product vision. It helps align the product team and…